AC9HP QSL Emailer (Windows only):

This application is written for windows only.  It will allow you to email QSL cards from your Log4OM2 database.

Log4OM2 Charts (Windows only):

Written in .Net so it will run on windows only.  It connects to your Log4OM2 database and allows you to view some charts/graphs about your contacts.   Currently I consider this BETA software.  Please provide feedback and ideas for more graphs. 

Located here:


eQSL Downloader JAR (Linux/Mac/PC):

The java version now supports QTH for login into eQSL.

I no longer plan to maintain the .Net version so please use the Java version.

The latest version of eQSL is now written in Java.

If you don’t have java install, get the latest from

You can find it here  eQSLjar

Zipped up version eQSLzip

After you download eQSL.jar on a windows PC you will have to unblock it.

To unblock right click on the JAR file in your windows explorer and go to properties.  in properties look for the unblock option.  If you don’t see it, you may not need to do this step.

eQSL Downloader:

This version will no longer be updated or maintained but I have left it here for historical purposes.

If you are downloading a new version please remove the version first with Add/Remove programs in your control panel or “Programs and Features” in your control panel.

Please give our eQSL downloader a try.

Select a folder,  enter your eQSL credentials and it will download all of your eQSL cards you have received.   It includes your inbox and archived items and not your rejected items.

Click here:

eQSL Downloader

The Zip file will contain a setup.exe and a Setup1.msi.   Running Setup.exe will check for correct versions of frameworks and would be the best way to install the app.  Running the MSI by itself will likely work too but if it does not try the Setup.exe next.



TouchRadio was designed to work with wsjt-x and the Flex 6600 radio (Any 6000 series with smartSDR 2.x should work).

It monitors to make sure a few apps are open an indicator turns RED if they are not.  It allows you to adjust the RF GAIN or AGCOffLevel as it is called in the API.

It also allows the RF power level to be adjusted and most importantly it monitors the SWR reader.

While operating remote with my K3S that did not have an SWR meter my antenna broke in the wind and when I got home my SWR was through the roof.  I had not known this while operating remotely and I could have damaged my radio.   At that point I started using a webcam to watch my radio.

The Flex replaced that radio and this program makes it easier for me.

I am open to improvements and suggestion and I am not out to write a complete CAT control app either.


  • Monitor a customizable list of apps to make sure they stay running
  • Watch how long DAX is open
  • Watch how long WSJTX is open
  • Watch System Uptime
  • Monitor SWR
  • Monitor RF Power out
  • Monitor MicGain Level (Watch for distortion)
  • Change/Monitor power level
  • Change/Monitor RF Gain
  • Change Antenna
  • Restart DAX / warning about WSJT Restart
  • Time-Traveler included to make sure you don’t drift


Download :  TouchRadio V1

Send suggestions to ac9hp over at