Image download:

eQSL pi is an image that will download your eQSL cards from and display them onto a screen.

You will need to download the eqslpi image and boot a PI with the image.
The first boot you will need to configure the pi to connect to the local network with internet access, supply your eqsl username and password.

after this you can reboot the pi and it will boot into the display mode.

How to start:

Log into the pi

pi image username: pi
pi image password: eqsl

The first time it may try to start the FBI program and fail as no images exist. push esc to exit or wait for it to timeout.

Then you will get a prompt. S for Shell C for Configure.

Configure eQSL

C to configure will prompt you for the eqsl username and password.

This is a pretty basic unforgiving interface that will display your password. This will be fixed in future releases.

After a reboot the pi will not try to download photos but you need to connect to wifi.

Connecting to wifi can be done in the Shell.

The way to connect to wifi is to use the “sudo raspi-config’ command. you can search for more information on its exact usage.