WIRES-X Node for Fusion (C4FM) radios

Wires-x operates in a similar fashion to EchoLink or IRPL. You can connect to different rooms and chat around the world.

One main difference is you must use a HRI-200 interface and with wires-x and a fusion radio you can access voice memos, text messages and photos.

It does require a computer and internet for connecting.

The antenna I chose is a arrow style JPole and only about 15 feet off the ground.

I setup my node on 445.5625.

The radio is a FTM-100DR.

I am using the Yaesu HRI-200 interface.

When the FTM-100DR is connected to the HRI-200 it becomes a dedicated link and cannot be used for anything else.

I use an HT to access to the node.

I am running Team Viewer to remote control the computer when I am away.


The computer has to run the wires-x software and once installed it will always run. If you close it, it will restart. You may be able to kill it but I suspect this for a clean power up after a power failure.

I use a Dell Dimensions 3000 mini computer dedicated to the purpose of keeping the node alive. It is running on windows 8.1

Computer Dell Inspiron 3000 mini:


Radio FTM100DR:


Interface HRI-200:


HT for around the house f1xd: