WD9BSA Antenna raising

I would love to report that we successfully installed the windom antenna for the WD9BSA station but unfortunately the installed fell apart at about 2 pm.   We met at 11 and really got started close to 12 pm.  Noah was our ladder climber and was able to mount the balun up in a tree at about 30 feet.

We had Steve N9UIB, Andrew N9AWM, Brian KB9BVN, Tom N9CXI, Wayne AC9HP, Emily, Noah, Ethan and Skyler helping us.

As we started mounting the long leg with a pulley system Andrew N9AWM and Wayne AC9HP were pulling and happened to pull the balun out of the tree even though it was secured in the tree with a eye hook bolt. We had pulled the antenna leg but it was still to low to the ground on the trail. The direction of the leg was uphill and with a trail on the way up there was no way the antenna would be up high enough for kids not to get to it.  The result was we went home early and didn’t get it done..   Really bummed about it but we have a few more weekends.

Tom N9CXI is going to rework a plan. We packed up and took a lunch break. more to come later.

The lessons learned from this trip was several items.

Do not screw bolts into trees that you plan to pull on.

Do not run the legs uphill.

Bring more water


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