WD9BSA Antenna Installation

Tom N9CXI organized an antenna installation. Using a floating system we raised the Carolina windom antenna. On each end sand filled weights are pulling on the arms keeping them snug but allowing them to move with wind or tree grown. An arbor sling was put up at the feed line and at the end of each arm in this system engineered by Tom. The weights on connected to a cable and a pull was left on the arbor sling.

The installation took about 3 hours. Mosquitos where not bad but I still sweat a ton and was ready to head home after the first leg was put up.

A section of the antenna was too close to one of the walking trails to Steve N9UIB and Noah (Not yet licensed) using Steve’s line sabre used a rope to raise the line up to where it would not harm and wondering scouts or other tree dwelling creatures.

The intent of this install was a very permanent installation but I wonder if the extra effort out weighs the longevity. Time will show us!