No classes scheduled at this time for 2018

————————- OLD INFO —————————————–

Tech to General class presented by Brian KB9BVN, Wayne AC9HP and Gary KA9ZYL!

This class does not cover all the material. Some material will be covered by the students between classes and will not be reviewed in class.

This class is not linear and you may not need to attend all the classes if you are good at self study.

Testing will be provided at the end on a regularly scheduled testing night. See our standard calendar for those dates.

For self study we recommend the AD7FO study guides that are free.

Class will start September 14th, we will skip September 21st and resume the following week ending October 12th.

Class will begin at 6 pm and end at 8 pm.

The class is FREE and seating is limited so please reserve your seat today!

Please sign up by click HERE <—