Indiana Elmer Network VE Team was formed to help more people discover the art of Amateur radio.

We are a Laurel VE Team and the cost of testing is taken care of by us.  Yes we offer free testing for amateur radio license for free!  We cover free testing for Central Indiana.

Your cost to test is only getting yourself to one of our test sessions.

IEN Logo 2016That is correct we offer free ham radio license test sessions.

Please register in advance and to register click here -> PER-REGISTRATION or if you have issues with that you can email: Wayne

To register you need to get an FRN number from the FCC.

You can apply for your FRN number here:

FRN Info

You can find our schedule and locations online at the Laurel VEC groups website. 

Our schedules and locations: Here

If you are looking for a testing session sooner or on different days you can browse schedules on the ARRL website for test sessions or classes on amateur radio.

WD9BSA Group

Find ARRL Exam sessions

For more information about the Laurel Group please click here