February 9th 2017 Test session

During our general class we help a practice test like no other.   It was an actual VE session for the students to get a feel for the real test coming in 4 week.

We had 3 amateurs upgrade to General (Jeff KD9FTA, Jay K9NDY and Todd KC9NEG)  during this practice test and we also had a guest visitor Grzegorz from Poland stop in to visit.  Grzegorz took his US Tech exam and now is licensed in the US as KD9HWG.  Grzegorz is licensed as SP3OCG in Poland and many hams in the Indy area have already worked him on local repeaters.

It is always an exciting day to see people passing there exam and upgrading or getting new licenses.

This month will be a busy month as we have two more exam dates to complete.