This is the one place that most new hams will start off at.  This will show the easiest antennas to buy or build and that will get you on the air. I will caution all new hams to buy low loss coax as this will effect performance and increase losses with power to the antenna. Don’t cheap out on the coax !

The first one is the “copper J antenna. This can be used on vhf/uhf and when raised 20 feet or more, will yield excellent results.


The second is a Dual Band VHF / UHF Gain Base Station Antenna. You have to get these up in the air about  20 feet and again they preform excellently.


This antenna is the Arrow OSJ- 146/440 vase antenna. This is a good and inexpensive antenna for the new ham to buy. This antenna also needs to be up around 20 feet for optimal results.