A common problem with new hams is the question ” Whats the best antenna that i can put up?” This can be best surmised as this….. How much money and time do you wanna spend?

For most hams, the answer is very little time and hardly any money.  This will serve as an starting point and doesn’t cover most of the antennas out there. The ones that I am going to show below, will be multi band and easily constructed by the average person.

The G5RV as pictured below will do 10-80 meters and is a good starter antenna.



The second antenna that I would  would recommend for 10-80 meters is the OCF Windom antenna.

The third antenna that I am going to show can be very cheaply and easily put together. The only downside to this antenna is that it needs radials at the base of the antenna to increase the efficiency. The upside to this antenna is that you can run 10-80 meters with it.