2015 Indianapolis Radio Club Hill-Top contest at Weakly Hill at Hendricks County.

At the hill top contest in Hendricks County were 16 Participants.   We operated 2m FM, 2m SSB, 10m SSB, 6M FM and we may have had 6m SSB but I am not certain of that.   Weakly hill was at 1030 feet and I created a  home brew 2m SSB antenna.  After failing to keep it in a tree we moved it to a tripod at maybe 1045 ft elevation but we able to make 6 contacts with ic706 and the 2m dipole.  

The hill operated as N9HC the club call for the Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society. The contest site was setup and sponsored by HCARS and we had lunch provided. Hotdogs, chips, drinks and beans the true lunch of an Amateur.

It was not a hot day and the sun was not glaring on us but when I got home I realized there was more sun exposure than I had suspected. Next year I may toss on some sun screen just in case.

Twice we felt some sprinkles but it never turned into rain. It was about 70 degrees during the contest but it may have been up to 75 by the end, I wore shorts and a tee-shirt but many others were dressed warmer (and they may have been smarter).

I had the please of working the icom 706 with John KD9ECH a newer ham who is currently living on a boafeng.   

I hope to see more new hams out next year and hope to catch you on the air during our next hill-top contest.