IEN VE Team statistics for 2016

We have concluded our testing for the year and I wanted to share some of our stats with our members.
We had 4 exams.

We had 14 VEs help with exams.

We tested 25 individuals and passed 19 individuals.

New technicians 16
New generals 4
New Extras 1

I would like to personally thank each of the VEs that helped administer the tests:

Brian KB9BVN
Steve W9THR
Tim NW9F
Ivin W9ILF
Dave KG9AE
Jerry KD9DYN
Erick N9KDB
Chuck KD9DVB
Steve W9BRI
Wayne KE9P
Gordon KD0EWM

It was a good start for the IEN VE Team and hope next year will bring even more amateurs into the community.