Danville Chuck

Assisting Chuck KD9DHT has been an ongoing project.

Chuck started with a nice setup from N9IMU that included a TS50 and a vertical antenna.

After the vertical was setup Chuck knew he wanted a better antenna so he consulted and went with the windom antenna.  88 feet on side and 44 on the other leg.

After getting all the parts together and rope from Cal AB9D, Chuck was ready to get the Antenna installed.  Steve N9UIB and Wayne AC9HP helped Chuck install his windom antenna.  The rope was strung up to what looks like 60 feet by Cal,  so the balun was pulled up to the 60 ft mark and the legs where pulled to the front of the house and the shorter leg to the side fence making an L shaped install.  The legs are tied down using rope at about 6 feet off the ground.


Chuck should be grateful that his landlord allows him to install this type of setup and this installation is proof that give the permission you can install a great antenna in small spaces.

In the first 2 hours of having this antenna installed, I was seeing reports of working Germany and Netherlands from Danville Indiana.

Good luck Chuck and hope you enjoy!