A while back I got this crazy idea I could get old computer gear together and give folks on fixed incomes a computer that may provide some basic tools like word processing and some educational software like a tyoing tutor.  

this software would need to be free and the hardware would need to be scraps.  

I am now well on my way to growing this and find it awarding. 

We are installing xubuntu and many free apps made for it. 

Indiana Elmer Network does not make a dime nor are we a state or federal not for profit.    

We do however help find people in need and deliver computers that may be of no value to but you means a big deal to them. 

More valuable than hardware donations is donating your time!

If you can donate time putting old gear together, collecting old gear or tutoring people who are disabled physically and/or mentally we could use your time.  

If you have usable hardware that you plan to trash or donate please consider us.   We cannot give you a receipt but some consumers we help are with agencies that can.  each case is handled individually. 

You can email Marty AC9MF ac9mf@arrl.net or Wayne AC9HP at ac9hp@arrl.net for more info.