HF digital training and installation

Setup HF station to work with Signal Link and an Icom 718 for Chuck KD9DHT. Configured his JT65HF, Ham Radio Deluxe to work together using a CAT cable for radio control from HRD. Since Chuck has already worked some DX on 80 meters and many made many other contacts at about 20 watts. More training will be scheduled down the road.

IEN Radio Programming

Met at the McDonalds in Avon and helped hams program HT radios. We used RT Systems and Chirp to program the radios and discussed some of the local repeaters. In attendance was AL WA6SRP, Gary KA9ZYL, Bob KC9PGG, Steve W9THR, Wayne AC9HP and Chuck KD9DHT. 5 Radios where programmed and updated. Next event will be at the Browsnburg Hamfest. See you then!   

Troop 306 JOTA K9W

   With the help of Steve N9UIB we were able to operate with 2 G5RV antennas.    We had one station running psk and jt65 and another station running ssb.  The digital station was provided by KD9BIX and it is an Icom 7200 with a ldg auto tuner and connected to a G5RV inverted V antenna.   The Antenna was provided by Wayne KE9P.  The Coax was provided by Tom…

Raising of KD9BIX’s G5RV antenna

Chris-KD9BIX and Steve-N9UIB installed a G5RV and a pole to hang the antenna off of it. The weather was cool and the installation took about two hours. The installation probably would would have went a little faster, but Chris keep setting things down and not remembering where it was !! (Sorry Chris ). We also had Chris’s daughter that helped us and made things pretty fun and kept us laughing.…

Antenna Rotor reinstall

Steve N9UIB, Jacob N9MAN and Alex KD9EJS were able to install a new antenna rotor on an exisitng antenna system to replace one that had froze up for Eric N9KDB. The install took about an hour and a half and was a very hot experence.   No amateurs were actually injured during this exercise.                                                    

WD9BSA Antenna Installation

Tom N9CXI organized an antenna installation. Using a floating system we raised the Carolina windom antenna. On each end sand filled weights are pulling on the arms keeping them snug but allowing them to move with wind or tree grown. An arbor sling was put up at the feed line and at the end of each arm in this system engineered by Tom. The weights on connected to a cable…